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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 26, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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them is a fire in fairfield -- word of the flareup on that massive fire in plainfield. and police say what you see here is a hate crime in progress. what police are doing to catch the suspect. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, july 26. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin tonight with continuing coverage of aim as the six alarm fire -- of a massive six alarm fire. this fire set up a huge home of dirt black smoke that could be seen from surrounding counties and for miles around. they broke out at medical
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plastics on huntington drive in fairfield. jana katsuyama has not been seen since early this afternoon -- has been on the scene. >> that are simply spent there that have flared up and are still burning. interviews the fire was -- it appears that the fire was an accident. the first call came in at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. it happened in the storage yard outside the medical sixpence. did they call of smoke could be seen from as far away sacramento -- the thick column of smoke could be seen as far
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away from sacramento. >> that is very intense heat, very thick, stark black smoke. >> reporter: he drew crews from every district. hazmat crews also responded >> we expecting whatever is burning there, we have predicament. >> reasonable thing for us to make plastic bins for the agriculture committee. >> reporter: they cannot determine the cause of the fire and it appears to have been an accident. >> it appears that we had employees working with some kind of open flame object. in the area at the fire started. >> reporter: and we do at the scene from a company to show that about 45 employees who were working. all of them got us them got
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safely preview can see that the smoke is coming to succeeded. they have ended up cleaning a -- out the crews, but if people seasonal in the air they should be cautious in csi. jana katsuyama college ktvu channel to use. -- channel two news. >> vibrators are also putting water on the flames sweeping income and they was data likely throughout the night. we'll keep covering this developing story right here. be sure to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage could we have crews remaining and the ability to the development and
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will have more information coming up in the senate authors. you can also go to our website at "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36 to find a video of this fire as well as a sideshow with images. >> the bay area air quality management says the settlement covers 46 incident at the refinery between two dozen six in 2009. they include exceeding standards or polluted and failure to repair leaking equipment. law enforcement and garlic officers were on a manhunt today looking for prisons are prisons who fired shots at police officers -- a person or persons who fired shots at police officers beat it happened to than a police officer radioed that he was under fire. he returned fire and was later rescued people everyday the shooting was probably
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protecting a marijuana plantation. >> we believe dealing with the mexican cartels seem that the law enforcement team search 20 acres today. people is that it would lead the army was moving on their town today. some homeowners are still uneasy. >> reporter: this is what was the bloodiest are used to seen on the trails are into laguna park -- what they are used to seeing on the trails. >> it was like something you see another movie. >> reporter: that ensuing whittaker live near the park will authorities made their move the perks of us are came under heavy fire and called for help. >> we were kind of worried because we do spend a lot of time out in the open space. so we are concerned. >> i never saw so many policemen at one time. i have never seen anything like
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it. i was shocked. >> reporter: shirley lawrence has lived here for 36 years and shootings the unseen them and they had been projecting a marijuana operation. >> they grow marijuana on around here. >> that is not surprising. >> reporter: people who enjoy this area say this is not in the biggest a scene and unexpected danger to come from other people back here. some say they are still on guard. >> i have seen mountain lions. they usually run off into the woods. but i always that they were the biggest that i never thought i had to worry about, you know, human danger. >> reporter: that everybody is convinced of a drug operation is responsible for this.
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the evening commute is slow tonight. it happened about 2:15 p.m. this afternoon. a highly bejeweled tongues us one of truck tires blew out through the truck at the center divide numbers into flames -- they say that one of the truck tires blew out. highway 237 was closed in both directions for time. eastbound lanes remained closed for about five hours. the u.s. postal service announced today it is looking at 3700 post offices to decide which ones can be closed through the postal service is on track to lose more than $8 billion this year. they say many customers have made it clearly no longer needed to stop the. >> arizona that has lost. >> in the bay area 13 offices
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are on the list. for a complete list, go to "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. i mean is that he was a victim of police are calling takeimi speaking out about what happened only to ktvu. the attack took place during gay pride weekend in san francisco. police showed a evidence in this case. >> reporter: amateur video a short but appropriate issue is a confrontation us must be one at go cut visible in which anything that is bush and sucker punched. >> being that it was a hate crime because of the sexual orientation. >> after you got in the u.s. army me things like, "step off [ bleep ]" >> reporter: police asked us to withhold his name and not show his face. >> you do not remember being in
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the face? >> getting i remember being at all. >> reporter: he attended the party wearing a towel. >> exerted to use the restroom and while i was inside someone was pushing it over. >> reporter: that led to the punch captured on camera. >> it makes me sick. you can see him clench his fists while before he strikes. can see it watching him. >> reporter: he suffered a concussion and underwent surgery for broken eyes are good eyes are good for you believes he was attacked because it is actually pretty and not because he was new. >> if you do not like on tuesday days, do not come to pride. >> reporter: investigators are asking anyone with information on this assault to causing when
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police. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. an internship going for northern california women had one safety deposit box to store items and another with money. joseph naso is acting as his own attorney. prosecutors have said that he has plenty of money to hire private lawyer. is the one board of supervisors gave final and unanimous approval to a budget. the budget is balanced and closing dinner anyway dot it is a pretty zynga's concessions from police and by but is for special praise -- singled out concessions from police and firefighters for special praise. >> that represents a huge sacrifice.
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>> and include provisions that the mayor wanted including money for police academy class and continued security at hospitals. over this was slightly but he was not ready to declare trying to be over the past 12 months prices have fallen 19 of the city's. it will fall 5-deficit as for close parties :-colon-mark it. of windsor one step closer to being attacks in the shop online payday voted to move forward with the new board know as the amazon tax. some want to suspend the law. most board members disagree. >> until the time we are told to whether this weather despite electric, electorate, by court, or any other higher authority, we have is on duty to uphold the law symmetry could be six
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months before consumers see the tax. the board will hear from the attorney general and the public. one agreed police are investigating the death of a car containing memorabilia. it's a gave him a photo was taken outside a mcdonald's on north california boulevard. it belongs to the employee of the popular mcalbry's restaurant. red light runners in los angeles are told not to pay their tickets. bay area drivers should also catch the same break. >> partly sunny skies et cetera door. coming up, like you'd expect for your neighborhood come
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>> newschopper2 life over the scene where and six alarm fire at macro plastics had been burning. you can see by crews on the -- fire crews on the scene. no one was injured but at its peak it was sending a huge column of thick, black smoke up from fairfield. more of this story coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. police have canceled an
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amber alert. 35-year-old kawana howard took her daughter. both were found in los angeles just after 6:00 p.m. they tell us the child is safe. officials have told bud light runners caught on camera they do not need to pay their fines. christien kafton reports. city leaders there have no plans to cancel the contracts at the same company. >> reporter: with a flattish in a click of a camera, south san francisco will collect $446. >> i think they have been allowed to improve the safety intervene to improve safety along the city. >> reporter: the cameras are operated by american traffic solutions, lusting this is the same libyan officials are telling a light runners to ignore the tickets for the budget finance committee voted last night to recommend the city terminate the program.
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that is because the judge did not enforce the crime scene at the courts and all defined and we get a portion. >> reporter: vacate a city i and the intersection -- they keep a steady eye on the intersection. >> we have already paid them. they need to get rid of them. >> reporter: other drivers inmates they make people slow down and make the intersection sabers in an inpatient stay. they should stay. i think it's doing its job. i've got to be more alert. >> reporter: the chiba police told me when the contract expires, he will renew it. president obama said he will veto republican sponsored
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legislation. there were signs that republican house speaker john boehner connected his own party on board to pass the miniature. congressman and presidential candidate michele bachmann reviews to consider it. >> i want to be clear. i want a vote to increase the debt ceiling. i column president obama to listen to the voice of the people across america and do likewise. >> harry reid who was backing his own plan as speaker weiner's measure said speaker weiner's measure has no chance of passing. a teenage woman has accused wu of an unwanted encoder. congressman anthony weiner left office in june when it was discovered he said photo. over the internet. and congresswoman was
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arrested today. i was in the white house. representative louise majerus from illinois was among those in the shooting over president obama's admission policy. protesters won't them to stop supporting the document -- and documented in progress. a professor has been nominated to the california supreme court governor jerry brown introduced him this morning. he graduated from law school and work for supreme court justice ruth bader. firefighters say they are making progress as they attempt to put out the eagle fire. that fire is burning in the northeastern part of the county. tonight is 45% contained because the fire has not been determined and only one building has been destroyed. of his favorite downloads for teenagers on the leadership of been in alaska will not be handed down through other
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victims returned home yesterday evening. he said he takes the bear to keep it away from his group. i'll ask officials say they will not go after the bear because the attack happened to the remote area of. the san bruno pipeline explosion has taken a toll on pg&e at the financial image. ratings downgraded his images from stable to negative. a big drop in customer confidence after less observers disaster and the unknown caused him to find the to the cases from the block is repeating he still has an a- in investments by with a new negative outlook is likely to be done within the next year. some oakland ace players escorted out the fields today. and somewhere in the bay area will be hot and sunny all cool and foggy. the forecastle had. >> -- forecast still ahead.
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with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. >> we have a deal done. now we will be playing football. >> there is tangible evidence to date and of the players lockout was over before an energy never showed up at the
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teen cheney camp in santa clara and where does that -- and they showed up at the training camp in santa clara and were allowed inside. there's plenty of activity at a camp up in napa. players will surge was tomorrow. every scheme is august august 11 in oakland. the football is back and it looks like the sun is coming back to. >> was a gradual warm-up has removed the rest of the weekly temperatures finally getting back to the seasonal average. it's been a while and was a sudden joint that warm weather could yet mild relatively speaking especially for inland areas. you can see fog and clouds evidence that goes once again at this hour. and they will be moving back across that they do the evening hours. the winds picking up as well, wes knows what initially -- west, southwesterly that will
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be pushing that back smoke towards area of vacaville, winters, and the sacramento valley. at least it is finally breaking up that black deck. temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterday be 60 went into disco. 72 in san jose preconceived up of just hiding a close line. have moon, -- up hugging the coast line. temperatures were up 2-4 degrees be 67 in napa and temperatures continuing to climb tomorrow could we do have high pressure that will be voting in from the southwest. that could bring us a little bit of monsoon moisture in time for the weekend. temperatures are warmer than today and that i will be
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boarding up fairly quickly. overnight it was back in but i 7:00, 8:00, it is burning off for the inland areas. and by meantime, supplies will be with mostly sunny skies. temperatures back into the 50s overnight. and afternoon highs in the 80s for the north bay and valley locations below 70s or the east bay critical inland and it is warmer. 872nd in walnut creek. 80 degrees in santa clara prints them out is that they areas 82 expected and widespread 60s expanded for the coast for your extended forecast here. continuing their gradual warm- up all the way into the weekend. inland areas, below 90s. gasia? >> a group of oakland speaking players made a special trip to the children's hospital to debris that helped organize the visit. they were the hospital $25,000
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grant for teen support group. his 19-year-old sister was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and she was treated and survived. that is a report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian paid our coverage continues online at and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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